Take a proctored exam

If you are taking a class from a remote institution you may need to take a proctored exam.

There is no charge to Altoona or rural Polk County residents for proctoring Residents from outside of Altoona or Rural Polk County will be charged $10 per exam for proctoring.


All students will be charged for any printing or supplies needed (including postage if necessary) and charges will be paid before taking the exam.


Generally students will sit in the staff area if they need to use a computer to take their test and at a carrel near the circulation desk if it is a paper exam or the student can use their own laptop.

Our hours are 9am-9pm Monday through Thursday, 9am-5:30pm Friday and Saturday, and 2pm-5:30pm on Sundays. Start times must include the total time allowed for the exam plus 15 minutes before closing. For example, if your test allows for 2 hours to be completed, the exam would need to be started by 6:45pm on a weeknight.

The library cannot guarantee any one particular staff member will be proctoring the exam and any paperwork needed by the institution needs to be supplied to the library with 2 working days (Monday through Friday) to be completed.

All students must fill out the Application for Proctoring form (located in the side menu to the left) before submitting paperwork for proctor approval. Instructors should use the student's name in the subject line of all emails.

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