Winter Reading Challenge

Kids Winter Challenge

Do you have what it takes to complete the Altoona Public Library Kid’s Winter Challenge? If you think you do, come to the library to pick up a reading log or BINGO sheet starting December 1st. You will have until January 5th to complete as many challenges as you can.


Track Your Reading  (Ages 2-12)

Starting December 1st, kids can earn reward stickers for each book they check out from the Altoona Public Library. 

  • We ask that the books be at the appropriate reading level for the child. Therefore, older readers will not be given stickers for picture books.  (Don’t worry. Older readers will have more chances for prizes using the BINGO sheet.)
  • Parents may check out books for their children and earn stickers.
  • One sticker per borrowed book.  If you have a family with multiple children of a young age, we recommend sharing a reading log and participating as a family or group.
  • Audiobooks for children will also earn a sticker.
  • Movies will NOT earn a sticker.
  • For every ten children’s or juvenile books you check out, you will receive a coupon for Altoona Pizza Ranch, a small prize, and an entry into the Grand Prize Drawing.
  • No prizes will be given out after January 5th.


Kid’s Winter Challenge BINGO Sheet (Grades 1-6)

Older children may participate in our BINGO Challenge.  To earn prizes from the BINGO game, students must complete small challenges.  If you complete five challenges in a row on the BINGO sheet, you will receive a small prize.  To earn a grand prize entry, you must do one of the following:

  • Complete all of the “20 Minutes of Math” challenges (8 total)
  • Complete all of the reading and library challenges (16 total)
  • Complete all of the challenges on the diagonals, forming an X (10 total)

Below is a bit more about the challenges that make up the BINGO Challenge.


Adopt-a-Shelf  (Ages 6-12)

This winter, we will be starting a new volunteer program for families at the library. Children ages 6-12 may sign up with an adult to join our “Adopt-a-Shelf” program.  This program is a way to help children with reading and literacy skills, give them an understanding of community service, help them to navigate the library’s collection, and to help improve the appearance and services of our library.

Each child who signs up will be given a shelf in the Easy Reader or Juvenile Fiction section of the library.  The child, and their parent, will be asked to attend a training class on how books are shelved in the library.  They will learn how to straighten the books on the shelf and how to recognize if a book does not belong on the shelf. Older children will be given the tools to “Shelf Read” and recognize if a book is out of order.  After that, each time the child visits the library, they can check on their shelf and make sure it is straightened, in order, and looking great.  (This usually takes 2-5 minutes, depending on the child.) 

Training will be January 20 at 10am.  Register here If you cannot make this training date, please contact Amy Turgasen at

This is a year-round program.  Children will have a chance to move to the next level as they grow and learn.


Reading Challenge (BINGO)

There are a number of reading challenges on the BINGO Challenge sheet. Many list a genre or type of book to read. If you need help finding a book, ask a librarian. Remember to read books at your reading level.


Attend a Library Program (BINGO)

Any Altoona Public Library program will count for this, including our weekly programs such as Storytime and CLASS.


20 Minutes of Math (BINGO)

Part of the Kids Winter BINGO Sheet asks you to “Complete 20 Minutes of Math”.  It is important to practice reading AND math while on winter break. This challenge asks you to complete 20 minutes of math problems to cross off one BINGO square. If you complete all 8 math squares, you will receive a special prize and an entry into our Grand Prize Drawing.

Here are the rules:

  • The 20 minutes do not have to be all at once. You can split it into five/ten minute chunks throughout the day, or throughout the week. Have your parent set a timer, if it helps you.
  • You can use your math homework! If you have math homework, use the time you spend on it to count towards your 20 minutes.
  • Do math problems at your learning level, or challenge yourself with something at a higher level.
  • Do your best.  The important part is to practice your math skills so you can improve. You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to try hard.


Math Problems - Here are some online resources for math problems:

Math Games ( – A great source for games, quizzes, printable worksheets, and more! All organized by grade level.

KidZone ( – Timed math quizzes and worksheets by grade level and type of math problem.

A+Click ( – Math problems by grade and type.  You must go problem by problem to move to the next level.


Bedtime Math Videos – Watch these videos and pause them when they ask a math question so you can try to solve it.

Car Wash of Doom =

Ninja Training =

Everything’s Bigger at Cosco =

Diner Dogs =


Family Facebook Challenge (Ages 2-12)

Every week on Friday at noon we will post a special challenge for kids and their parents onto our Facebook and Instagram page.  You will have until the following Friday at noon to complete the challenge. If you complete the challenge, you will receive an extra entry into the Grand Prize Drawing.

Some challenges will be first come first serve, so make sure that your parents follow us on social media to stay up to date.

Facebook =