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Meeting Room Policy

Altoona Public Library's Meeting Room Policy -- To reserve a meeting room, please call us at 967-3881.


The use of the Library meeting rooms is an extension of library services.  The rooms should be available to the community in its broadest sense and reflect the educational, cultural, and recreational role the Library plays.  All meetings must be free and open to the public.



1.    The meeting room is not to be used for the financial benefit of private individuals, private organizations, groups that are largely commercial in nature nor for the direct sale of merchandise for the purpose of profit.  Permission to use the library meeting room in no way implies that the library supports the views espoused by the group.


2.    Reservations for the use of the meeting room are not made more than six (6) months in advance of the date of the meeting.  The Library reserves the right to approve or deny any requests for use of the meeting room.


3.    A representative of the group must sign a Room Reservation Form one (1) business day in advance indicating that they agree:

•    to comply with the provisions of the meeting room policy

•    to accept responsibility for use of the room

•    to assume the cost of repair and/or clean up should either be necessary.


      Cancellations should be made promptly so other meetings may be scheduled.  Prior

      notice of seventy-two (72) hours is requested, unless the cancellation is due to an



4.    The user acknowledges that the Library reserves the right to cancel ANY reservations at ANY time.

  A two (2) weeks notice of cancellation will be given.  In the event it is impossible to give two (2) weeks notice, as much notice as possible will be given.


5.    Users will be assessed a fee of $30.00 per hour per fifteen (15) minutes for any meeting that goes past library closing times without prior permission.



6.    The Library will not be responsible for theft or damage of equipment, materials or personal items supplied by the users.


7.    If audio-visual equipment is to be used, reservations should be made at the time the room is booked.  There is no guarantee that equipment will be available.


8.    Any individual or group who fails to abide by these provisions may be denied future use of meeting room space and they may be asked to leave the library immediately




Privileges and Restrictions


1.    Library activities take precedence over any other activity.


2.    Library kitchen facilities are available for preparing light refreshments in connection with meetings.  Each group is responsible for leaving the room in an orderly condition, and for the replacement of lost or damaged equipment.  ALL TRASH MUST BE BAGGED AND DISPOSED OF IN THE DUMPSTER LOCATED IN THE PARKING LOT.  If a group does NOT remove their trash they will be charged a fee of $15.00 and may not use the room again until the fee has been paid.



3.    Refreshments must be kept in the meeting room.  No alcoholic beverages are allowed.


4.    No smoking is allowed in the library OR on library grounds.


5.    It is the responsibility of the user to restore the room to its previous condition at the completion of the function.  Extra chairs must be put away and tables returned to the way the room was found.


6.    Children’s groups may use the rooms provided they are supervised by two (2) or more adult sponsors.  Any craft activity must be approved by the library.


7.    The Library cannot undertake the care and storage of any materials for groups using the meeting room.


8.    If a group or a member of the group using the meeting room becomes verbally abusive or threatening to a library staff member then that group shall be denied future use of the meeting room.




The user agrees to release the Altoona Public Library from liability of all claims, demands, actions or causes of action of any kind whatsoever arising or resulting directly or indirectly from the use or occupancy by the user, it’s employees, contractors, agents, officers, guests, or invitees due to any act or omission on any such person.


Failure to comply with any of the stipulations can result in immediate or future denial of permission to use the facility.